Permitting and Land Seismic operations

Using GIS to support Oilfield operations

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GIS can support key decisions

Using a GIS system can significantly aid the operation of a land seismic crew. From detailed accurate mapping through to spatial analysis GIS can offer a solution from the moment planning begins all the way through to the archival of a project.

Why would you want to use GIS for a Land Seismic project?

  • Accurate permitting, connect the GIS system or use GIS to derive the permit database. Make you know that permission has been obtained from landowners
  • Quickly retrieve information about the project, from Oil wells, HSE incidents through to detailed recording of where the operation has been
  • To collect data in the field with GIS enabled portable devices, that feeds back into a central database
  • Help site selection planning for a range of project critical locations
  • Protect and minimise damage to the environment. GIS allows users to mitigate risks, aswell as record and monitor any dangerous activities
  • Communicate to the public through detailed maps and reports
  • Embed GIS into existing project management workflows

Take a look at this interactive exmaple of how GIS can handle permitting, baselayers could be added, contextual information as well. When you click on a polygon information about the permit will be returned including the number of shot points in that area

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