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GIS is a tool that enables us to make better, faster decisions about the world around us.

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Maximise your GIS and Earth Observation

Drive engagement with all users, present information in a clear simple way and produce meaningful analytics

5 way to increase value for GIS in Oil and Gas

Earth Observation 2.0 and the Edge of Geography

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Cloud Computing and GPU availability is changing the traditional view of 'remote sensing'

Progress 2016 with 6 case examples

Oil and Gas Applications

Permit databases, ones that list landowners and contain information about whether permission has been granted or not, are very useful in planning a seismic survey. GIS presents an efficient way of working with permits.

Permitting and Geofencing

Permitting in the Oilfield

Using GIS for Land Seismic Scouting

GIS to manage exploration

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